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This work of Pulippani Siddhar is complete with all the principles of Astrology. Siddhar Pogar. This book deals with almost all subjects of Siddha Medicine especially of Metals and minerals alchemy. Please, i can't found this book Tamil Siddha Science is at least five thousand years old, but the values of the the ancient scientists Siddhars are still applicable in todays world.

Apart from the inherited Siddha medicine and yoga, Astrology is also widely used. According to epigraphical sources and his book Bogar Seven thousand his period is around B.

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Bogar born at India and visited China in search of truth of life, he gained knowledge in medicine, astrology, spritiuality, yoga etc. The Siddhar Tamil: Cittar from Tamil cittu meaning intellect, singular Cittan refers to intellectual people in Tamil language, from ancient Tamilakam, and was written only in Tamil language.

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A siddhan obtains intellectual powers called siddhi by constant practice of certain educational disciplines. Ramalinga Swami also called Vallalar was a sage of infinite realization. From a young age he showed greater interest in the worship of God rather than in studies Once he is said of have placed a mirror on the wall, garlanded it and offered worship only to find not his image but that of Lord Muruga.

Sri Vallalar preached the equality of all mankind.


His penance was so great that lamps burned with water rather than oil. RamalingaAdigalar attained Mahasammadhi at Vadalur where he transformed his physical body into light to merge with the Divine. It is said that once while out grazing goats he was blessed by a Siddhar with immense divine powers. It is said that he and his goats survived famine when foreseeing the difficult times ahead he built a house with walls of grain and fed his goats plants that survived without water. The planets visit him when feed on grain and goats milk they fall asleep.

Changing their positions the siddhar assures that rain commences saving the land from famine.

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  5. His famous works include Idaikadargnyanasoothram 70 and IdaikadarKanidaNool. Once a wealthy merchant, an observation by his son that having wealth and not distributing it to the needy was like being like a needle with no eye, made him renounce the world. He visits many spiritual places seeking union with the Lord.

    The Lord gives him sugar cane saying that when the bitter came becomes sweet he would attain mukthi. At Tiruvotriyur the cane becomes sweet and playing with the children on the beach he asks them to burry him in the sand.

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    They do so only to find a lingam in his place. Sri KaduveliSiddhar was born in Kaduveli in the Chola era. Though his songs are popular through out the state, his life story remains obscure. His famous works include KaduveliSiddharPaadal. Sri KanchamalaiSiddhar is said to have been born in the hills and to have spent his life in the caves. He is said to have used his extensive powers to travel by air. His dress was made from medicinal herbs and he is said to have been fond of birds.

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    Sri ChennimalaiSiddhar was capable of curing incurable diseases. He is said to have united with Lord Shiva whom he found living in the same tree as him. The tree where he attained Jeeva Samadhi is even today an object of worship. His writings are found in the PadinenSiddharKovai.

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    He is said to have written the PinakesarThattuvaPaadalkal. Sri Kapilar is said to have incurred the curse of Lord Shiva lord is said to have been bom in Madambakkam as a cow where he attains salvation.

    The temple for Lord Shiva where he worshipped him is said to be the Dhanupueeswarar Temple. His works include KadaichangaIlakiyaNoolgal. Karuvoorar belonged to a family of Viswakarmas. He is said to have sculpted in gold the dancing Nataraja as seen by the Chola king Hiranayavarman. His early days were spent chaining snakes.

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