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Taurus and Libra Nature and Nuances

Wise Libra-Oxen take only well-considered, well-considered decisions. It is not in their rules to rush by themselves and rush the others, prefer to act slowly, but for sure. The strength of the Ox gives Libra confidence, does not allow to yield to doubts and experiences. It is impossible to imagine Libra-Oxen annoyed, not giving an account of their actions. Always calm, friendly and extremely polite. Careful, very few people are trusted, but this is not an excuse to demonstrate their disdainful attitude.

Therefore, with each interlocutor behave like the best friend, try to please. Sociable Libra-Oxen — the soul of any company, easily find a common language with a variety of people.

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Softness, courtesy, kindness are the main features of their character. Oxen-Libra are so polite that they can not refuse a request, even if they sounded demanding. Few can boast of such an attitude towards others. Often they are not very respectable people. Although the firmness of the Ox has a positive influence on them: sooner or later self-esteem prevails. Therefore, do not abuse the good attitude of these people, they are quite capable of rebuffing. Possess endurance, think quite soberly, enjoy authority among friends and colleagues.

They are reliable and executive people, if they give the floor, they will definitely hold back. True, the Oxen-Libra are not at all inclined to take on unnecessary obligations. If it were not for the natural responsiveness, they would not bother to help themselves with their relatives. They do not like physical work, but they gladly indulge in dreams and reflections. Despite their friendliness, they are rather closed people.

Few people from close associates know them well enough. Libra-Oxen are sweet creatures, harmless creatures, but rather stubborn and self-righteous. Although they do not directly seek out the relationship, they will come up with a way to protect themselves.

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In any case, they find the shortest way to solve the problem, they do not like to overcome difficulties and difficulties. Libra-Oxen will not be frank, but listening is their favorite occupation. They can talk for hours, but only with interesting people. Perfectly understand that politeness and goodwill is the sure way to collect as much information as possible.

Any of the Libra-Oxen, regardless of gender, strives to achieve perfection and harmony.

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It can not be happy if conflicts are raging around, there is no confidence in the future. Libra-Ox for normal life does not need so much: peace, tranquility. Although he does not mind to have fun, he loves noisy feasts. He eagerly responds to every opportunity to have fun. These honest, open people do not like to pretend, but they will not tell the whole truth to their partner. They prefer to diplomatically bypass obstacles, will do everything possible to smooth out acute angles in the relationship.

Let them not reciprocate, but they will not sharply repel the man in love. Libra-Oxen feel best in the company of long-time acquaintances, do not differ in frivolity. You may have trouble staying grounded together. Well, this is an interesting combination. At first glance, this doesn't seem like the best fit, but on looking closer, you two might share an understanding that could be a good foundation for a relationship. You're both very emotional people, Scorpio even more so than Libra. In fact, that may be the only source of trouble between you, though a big one: Scorpio's fits of jealousy and other emotional extremes could scare harmony-loving, flirtatious Libra away.

You two can really keep up with each other! You both have lots of friends -- in fact, between the two of you, you know pretty much everyone in town -- and you both love living in the midst of a beehive of social activity. Sagittarius, you're freedom-loving to the core and you might find Libra to be just a bit clingy, but that's okay -- you're both such good-humored, carefree types, you shouldn't encounter many real problems in your relationship.

You two are pretty different. You do both have expensive tastes, but Libra, you tend to be more artistically minded than Capricorn; Capricorn, you just like expensive things to show you can afford them! Libra will appreciate your ambition, however, because it pays the bills, but this sign's tendency toward extravagance read: big spender could make you very uncomfortable. But when finances aren't an issue between you, this could be a mutually beneficial bond. You two do have a lot in common, especially your strong intellectual connection. But beyond that great exchange of ideas, you're rather different.

Aquarius, you tend toward aloofness and detachment, while Libra, you want to latch on and hold. You're all about companionship, so when Aquarius runs off on a new project or pursuit, you'll want to follow along. Your combined social circles will be huge, and will provide lots of fun for you both. Your relationship will probably endure, because you do have several overarching qualities in common -- you're both highly romantic and idealistic; you're both caring, agreeable, helpful people who will take good care of each other in a relationship The problem here is, you may stay together in the name of love, even if the relationship isn't really what either of you wants.

Libra, you like an intellectual equal and you may find Pisces too ethereal or undirected.

Libra Sexual Compatibility: Easygoing and Flirtatious in Bed

Navigating the dating scene can be as exciting and terrifying as sailing a boat in open, shark-infested waters. Your Sun Signs can reveal all of those connections, and more. The stars will help you separate the good bets from the bad ones, right off the bat. You are instantly attracted -- you might even experience love at first sight. Your connection is intense and heady, full of giddy excitement. Romantic Libra loves to shower Aries with attention, which Aries may have a hard time returning in full.

You make a wonderful combination for dating and romance due to the influence of the Love Planet Venus. You'll try to top each other with who can be the most romantic and thoughtful. Your dating life will be a whirl of social activity with lots of friends and functions, flowers and frills.

Libra born in Ox year Personality Horoscope

Anniversaries and birthdays are important to both of you, so go ahead -- do it up in style. It's what you both do best! Your courtship is a whirlwind of social activity with lots of parties, music and friends keeping things vibrant. Libra, you're highly romantic, whereas Gemini tends to forget about such frills. But Libra likes to keep the peace, so this probably won't lead to major problems between you. Gemini, if you can just remember every now and again to do something spontaneous and romantic, you'll keep Libra happy.

Libra, remember to give Gemini some space. In the beginning, your connection seems new and exciting; you're out on the town, having fun, highly romantic dates. After all, the Crab does like to come out of its shell every once in a while, and you love Libra's romantic nature. But don't mistake romance for an emotional connection. Cancer, you want to be appreciated for who you truly are, and Libra may not pay very close attention -- as long as you're there, that's enough. But is it enough for both of you? In courtship, Leo wants to make an impression -- and that in itself is enough to impress Libra.

Taurus and Libra: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

You'll have such a fantastic time together! Leo loves extravagant meals, gifts and gestures -- a helicopter ride over the city wouldn't be out of the question.

And Libra, you appreciate your Leo date's generous ways. You're both romantic to a fault and will always highlight your anniversaries and birthdays. You both believe deeply in the importance of romance. When it comes to courtship, Libra, you're highly emotional and very traditional about romance -- flowers, gifts and poetry are just part of your normal repertoire. But Virgo, you're much less demonstrative than Libra.

Expensive dates seem impractical to you, and public displays of affection isn't really your style -- though Libra loves to cuddle up, be it in public or private. Virgo can be a bit squeamish, Libra, so have those breath mints on hand if you want to get to that first kiss!

LIBRA July 2019 - ABSOLUTELY HUGE INFORMATION! - REALISATION - Signs & Love - Libra Horoscope Tarot

Together, you define romance. You know just how to make each other feel special, with poetic love notes, murmured words of affection, sweet glances and caresses From the start of your courtship, expect to be swept off your feet. You might even tell all your friends after the first date that you're destined to be together and that you've found the love of your life.

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Sooner or later, you may wake up and realize it's all a fantasy, but in the meantime, enjoy yourselves. Libra, in this courtship, you're probably the one in charge -- at least on the surface. You love to go out for drinks, hopping from one art opening to the next and greeting all your many friends.

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