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Secret Strength: Their ambition, work ethic, and adaptability. Aquarius in the 12th house: Could fear change but mostly fears their own individuality, their kinks, and mostly fear of rejection for who they are. Secret Strength: Ability to face change head on and bravery to be their true selves without needing acceptance.

Pisces in the 12th house: Fears expressing their beliefs, could not trust their intuition, and fears connections. Secret Strength: Stands by their beliefs and intuitively knows how to make, mend, and break connections. Astraea is considered to be the the goddess of justice and is often depicted carrying a torch and a set of scales.

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She was the last of the Gods to leave Earth and some have theorized that she is the representation of the constellation of Virgo, with her scales close by as Libra. However, due to the fact that she was so closely affiliated with justice, she often found it hard to let things go until they were perfect. This can be portrayed within the placement of the Astraea Asteroid in astrological charts as an area we find hard to let go of and move on from.

There is rarely any closure when it comes to this asteroid. She shows us where we need to tie up loose ends, and where we struggle with letting go. Along with this, she may have an obsessive streak.

Jude Cowell Astrology: Astraea: goddess of Justice aids a famous astrologer on trial

When you see things through the eyes of Astraea, you cannot see an ending in sight and often people wait many years for things to end, to the point that they become consumed. Astraea in 1st: You struggle giving up your independence and your ability to self express. The idea of ever uniforms, herd mentality or being a follower is something you cannot accept.

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You may also struggle with working or sharing with others as you want to follow your own rules and do your own thing. Astraea in 2nd: You are very susceptible to becoming stuck in your ways and not being very open to change. You also hold onto your morals and ethics very strongly and struggle with the idea of ever going against them. You prefer security and comfort to the hesitancy of new things.

Astraea in 3rd: You struggle with having to pick one particular thing out of a range of options. You would very much prefer to keep your options open and wide. You also may feel as though you have unfinished business within your immediate environment in regards to your siblings, neighbors or gossip. Astraea in 4th: You feel very attached to your family and dislike the thought of having to leave them. You also may find that you have a hard time letting go of emotions that hold you down.

You may find yourself upset over tiny things and refusing to move on.

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You may also have a hard time letting go of previous relationships with others and dwell on the past a bit. Astraea in 7th: You feel as though you struggle to let go of partnerships you once had - be it romantic or business. You find yourself unable to forget the past and move on.

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Your sense of fairness also gets in the way of your independence. You find yourself so busy worrying about the needs of others that you never have time for your own projects.

Astraea in 8th: You have an inability to let go of your constant search for new ideas and resources. You struggle with joint projects as you find it hard to finish them and you often will stay stuck in your ways in terms of finances and money. Astraea in 9th: You have an inability to see the bigger picture of things.

You often focus on smaller aspects of things and your own personal beliefs, leaving little room for the opinions of others. It is almost as if you refuse to consider any opinion other than yours. Astraea in 10th: You may be too cautious within your life path in fear of looking foolish if you take risks. You may find yourself very hung up on the way the public see you and make you hesitant to express yourself.

Astraea in 11th: You may feel as though you have unfinished business within your community and friends. You also hold your ideals and ambitions very close to you, unable to stop your quest to reach them. You struggle to let go of ideals in order to feel at peace with yourself or conform to the ideals of others. Astraea in 12th: You may cling to your own spiritual beliefs and refuse to see the ideas or views of others. You live in your own world and refuse to set the ideals that you have in your mind free or allow others in. This may result in the feeling of an inability to feel at one with the world and a sense of loneliness.

Aries in the 12th house: Repressed anger will only cause them grief, even possible physical harm and stress. Challenges help them grow and they eventually learn to even search for new challenges. Coming to terms with their sexuality reverberates confidence in other aspects of their life. Material gain is both a power and a shame to them.

Generosity can make them feel more fulfilled. Relationships build or break them, loving their self needs to come first. Teaching others and bringing new points of views to light is their gift. Reserved and observant by nature but information to share is bursting at the seams. Cancer in the 12th house: Emotions go deeper than the individual even knows. Attachment is their strength and weakness.

Knows what family should be despite past relationships or harsh care. Healing comes in waves and has great power to help others mend their own relationships. Leo in the 12th house: Has a gift to share with the world, will leave an imprint of generosity and kindness. Their journey is to find selflessness, pride, and confidence.

They subconsciously fear their ego yet it wants out into the light of day. Scorpio in the 12th house: The personal transformations this person makes awe and inspires, no matter how subtle or large. Understanding and owning their dark side and bad things that happen to them will make them feel invincible. Intuition, sexual awakening, and emotional growth is their path. Sagittarius in the 12th house: Needs to learn how to take on the world, will grow to have unshakable faith in themselves and the universe. When it comes to personal growth, luck is on their side.

The universe brings them many tools. May start out avoiding help and opportunities, learns to take them with bravery, grows to be a resource for others. Capricorn in the 12th house: Must learn to balance adaptability with a solid core and to find a way to obtain their dreams. Starts out seeing aspects of life as burdens then learns they can be voluntary purposes and missions. Learns to balance seriousness with playfulness. Aquarius in the 12th house : Their journey is all about coming out to the world and showing everybody who they truly are!

Learns to never be ashamed of who they are despite past prejudice or judgment. Learns to overcome instability. Despite outer chaos can find an inner stability, learns to navigate change like a captain on a ship. Pisces in the 12th house : Grows when they can connect with others and when they can connect to their intuition. Their secret strengths are very hidden and takes a while to really find and develop. Their path is a long one. Must learn to balance emotions with intellect, intuition with logic, and spirituality with the body.

You are active, egocentric, worthy and proud of your accomplishments. Success comes through your personal efforts. Your material goods reflect your deeper values. Financial stability is important to you, and its achievement brings you satisfaction. Travel and brothers and sisters play an important role in your life.

The home and family play a central role. Although you are worried about your health, it is usually good. Whatever your solar sign, you tend to be perfectionist. The balance of forces is a problem in relational life.

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Sex, money and besquets of all kinds play an important role in your life. The Sun in the eleventh house: You have high ideals and high aspirations, many friends, and the ability to work well in groups. Spiritual activities attract you. You may be engaging in big institutions such as hospitals or prisons. Vesta in the second house Dedicated to: Manifesting material abundance, finding security for yourself and your loved ones Thus sacrificing: Simple pleasures and comforts.

Vesta in the third house Dedicated to: Communicating, seeking new experiences and knowledge and disseminating what you have garnered Thus sacrificing: Clarity in your thoughts, peace of mind since you put yourself under so much pressure.

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