Astrology chiron in virgo

the weak point, where we will heal

Fears of not being up to the task, whatever task it is. Difficulties in developing capacities of analysis, judgment, critical self. Difficulties in being flexible in general; with life challenges and trivial events. Too fixated on technical details, unproductive critics, and possibility to be intolerant. Overall due to a lack of self-confidence and a difficulty to accept the self-flaws. Feeling inapt.

Physical symptoms : Bad health, whether it's real or feared. Health is where the wound express itself often - especially so mental health; but also intestine and liver issues repressed anger. Healing : Spending time in purifying and perfect oneself in order to feel more confident and competent. Having lots of care for the health and practicing being at the service of others, helping others.

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Difficulties in the social life as there are issues with relating to others. Relationships, romantic in particular, can be a particular source of wounding.

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Difficulties in getting others to know who you are truly and therefore difficulties being liked. Pain around love affairs as in being dependant to others or being hurt by others. The attitude is overall hesitant, uncertain. Fear of rejection can be particularly painful. Physical symptoms : Metabolism issues, diabetes, blood circulation, bladder, liver, glands issues.

Healing : Working on the balance, cooperation with others, communicating. At the same time, working on being more decisive while staying fair. Difficulties in achieving real intimacy. Difficulties in letting go. The thoughts can be negative and self-sabotaging, bitterness, pettiness, and jealousy.

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The negative feelings can be strong when triggered: hate, obsession, rage. Physical symptoms : Uterus and genitals issues are possible.

Chiron Signs in the Birth Chart

Anything related to procreation as well as anal region. Difficulties with spiritual evolution. Difficulties in remaining open minded and open to the world in general. Being judged for your beliefs or principles, feeling restricted in your freedom of thinking and faith, difficulties in higher studies or foreign countries. Positivity can be blocked, lack of moderation, extremism in thoughts and beliefs, intolerance, preaching.

Physical symptoms : Hips, butt, legs injuries and pain, injuries from excess of something, breathing issues. Pain regarding social and professional image, as well as recognition. Authorities issues, the father may have been wounding. Deep inner fears and total lack of flexibility. There is a constant need to prove yourself and there can be difficulties in reaching the goals and ambitions.

The main issue revolves around too much rigidity, you tend to freeze and feel depressed and rejected, you feel there is a constant excess of pressure and responsibilities. Physical symptoms : Arthritis, bone issues, any joints and in particular knees, muscle cramps, depression and melancholia. Healing : Humour!! Laugh at yourself with empathy, cut yourself some slack while emphasize a lot on organization and planning, give your life structure by any means, positive assertions are valid for all positions but especially for this one, any game or exercise that can help practice mental flexibility and body flexibility.

Pain regarding the creative self, and the intuitive self. Difficulties in feeling a part of the society, community, feeling exclude. Fear of manifesting the innovative and forward thinking ideas you have. You can be individualistic, erratic, unstable, changing, rebellious. Physical symptoms : Weak ankles, nervous issues.

Chiron Signs in the Birth Chart

Healing : Astrology is well indicated, as well as any group therapy. Practice a more inclusive attitude, share your ideas with people and cultivate your original and innovative side. Difficulties in developing imagination and the comprehension of the universe. Struggle with developing the feeling of union with others and feeling lonely as a consequence.

Possibility to feel linked to a collective karma and having difficulties letting go of the past. Escapist behaviors are possible as well as unrealistic dreams, boundaries issues, and savior-victim patterns. Ego can be hard to define, feeling rootless. Physical symptoms : Problems with feet, oversensitivity to the environment and chemical products, personal negligence, addictions, digestive issues.

Healing : Use and develop the imaginative self, practice empathy any chance you have. The individual will experience intense mood swings and catastrophic feelings, deep paranoia and anxiety in particular.

Chiron in Virgo

They will have gone through some form of psychological trauma or abuse that causes them to become overly protective of themselves, their belongings, and their loved ones. Deep inside of them, they harbor feelings of misery and guilt, even if they have not done anything wrong, leading them to self-destructive behaviors. They are on a journey to understand the meaning of life, transformation, and death.

They will heal begin to heal when they learn to turn their pain into strength and beauty. They will possess the ability to heal others by teaching them that transformation and renewal is necessary to lead a healthy life. Because of their unconventional beliefs, they can feel as though there is something wrong with them, that their perspectives, values, and the way that they are deems them as worthless, meaningless, and misunderstood.

They will attempt to try and get their loved ones to understand them and likely will not receive a good outcome. Those who do not accept them should not be involved in their lives. They can heal others by teaching them the value of thinking for themselves. This individual will feel as though they are unappreciated and unrecognized for the things they do. They genuinely believe they are doomed to a life of chaos and unpredictability, influencing them to feel the need to take control of every situation. They feel very much that they are not as in control as they need to be and they tend to blame themselves when things go wrong, thinking they could have prevented it.

They over exert themselves and put so much pressure on themselves in an attempt to gain a reputable status, but their inability to trust others can cause issues in gaining a successful reputation. They must learn to appreciate and value themselves. They will have the ability to heal others through offering guidance and discipline in areas they need these traits.

The individual will feel rejected and isolated due to their differences and eccentricities. They will have difficulties fitting into society and will therefore feel like there is something wrong or off with them. This person will feel all alone even if they have friends. They may not be able to fully connect with others out of fear they will be seen as weird. They will begin to heal when they realize their differences are what make them unique and they can act as a trendsetter and revolutionary mind to lead society to bigger and better things.

They possess the ability to show compassion and heal humanity with their generosity and individuality. They will heal others by supporting and encouraging them to be different and to be brave.

astrology chiron in virgo Astrology chiron in virgo
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astrology chiron in virgo Astrology chiron in virgo
astrology chiron in virgo Astrology chiron in virgo
astrology chiron in virgo Astrology chiron in virgo
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