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It is not something that is different from Vedic Astrology, but a prediction mechanism that takes a particular approach. There are multiple ways of analyzing a horoscope and making a KP horoscope using KP system astrology is one such way. Hence, while in the traditional Vedic Astrology, the Zodiac belt is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each, in KP Astrology it witnesses its division into 12 unequal parts. The importance of Nakshatras in KP Astrology can not be stressed enough.

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There are 27 Nakshatras and each planet governs 3 Nakshatras. Careful analysis of the Nakshatra in which a planet is placed is one the most crucial aspect of making accurate predictions with KP astrology.

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If a planet is positioned and aspecting good houses in a horoscope , but as per KP, it is placed in a Nakshatra that is owned by a planet which is badly positioned and aspected, then the end result will be totally opposite from what is seen at the surface. So, take the wise step of consulting Future Point in order to get "KP Horoscope" and start benefiting from the divine guidance that astrology provides! Book your appointment: - and Click Here. Don't Want Consultancy. Today's Offer.

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Only for you! Sample Horoscope : Hindi English.

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Gender Male Female. Show advanced options. Mobile Number. Language English Hindi. What is KP Astrology? Due to the specific approach that this branch follows, it fairly increases the accuracy factor in predictions.


It specifies favourable periods in terms of financials in a persons life and cautions the individual about bad periods before hand, so that any major financial investment or new venture must be avoided during that. Surprisingly, as far as education is concerned, it analyzes the bent of mind of the child and reveals the fields that are likely to provide the student with maximum opportunities in terms of career success!

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Last but not the least, it predicts the condition of health over the entire lifespan of an individual, disclosing even the name of diseases that are signified, if at all in one horoscope. Person Details. Date of Birth. Please visit us, give your feedback here or at the site and refer to your friends who are interested in Hindu Vedic Astrology including KP System. Feel free to contact the publisher through email.

Click on the graphic to vote for this page as a Starting Point Hot Site. Good Luck! Astraura is one stop-site for your Hindu Vedic KP horoscope and free astrology tools. Go to Astraura. Horoscopes cast on KP Hindu Vedic system. Casting horoscope easy and free.

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KP system also means nadi, stellar astrology or nakshatra jyothisham jyotish, jyothish. You can know your ascendant or lagna, nakshatram or birth star, janma rasi or moon sign by a click providing birth details.

kp astrology online chart Kp astrology online chart
kp astrology online chart Kp astrology online chart
kp astrology online chart Kp astrology online chart
kp astrology online chart Kp astrology online chart
kp astrology online chart Kp astrology online chart
kp astrology online chart Kp astrology online chart

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