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We may send free promo messages. Even though during the following months the love gods will step back and will be happy to let things settle, making sure you are aware of anything that needs addressing and all issues are out in the open. This really is a journey, with Jupiter in retrograde from mid May to mid September.

This will be an important review phase and it is now that the rebuilding can begin. Once he turns direct he will team up with Saturn direct in your relationship sector and that is also good news for consolidating gains in love. What will be going on in the background? Sparks could quite literally be flying in January, with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign.

Cancer Horoscope 2020: A Year of Freedom And Discovery

Venus, who normally moves through Cancer at around the same time as the Sun will seem to have forgotten you. Your birthday month will come and go and still the planet of love will be a no show, finally returning on August 7. Trust us dear Cancer, this really is your luckiest year for love and matters of the heart in years. Check out Cancer daily love horoscope to find out!

Get your personalised Love Life Reading to find out the dates and events that can change your personal life in ! What is your career outlook for Cancer? There is something special in the way that the forces are working together this year and well into The tide begins to turn on the professional front in the early days of , because having Mars in your work sector is giving you a clear sense of direction.

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This will also help you find your stride, allowing you to hit the ground running from almost Day 1. Mars is a planet that likes to get his hands dirty, make things happen and get things done. When Mars leaves on 16 February he will have given your professional year more than enough momentum.

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  7. Ketu generally brings detachments between the love partners and its transit in your fifth house will prove extremely challenging for the partners. According to Cancer Love Horoscope, a feeling of loneliness is possible as hardships will find a way into your life. You need to understand that sometimes relationships require a little bit of compromise to make things better. Try to understand your partner rather than forcing them to follow your points.

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    Venus, the Karaka of Marriage, will be transiting into fifth house of Relationships from 11 th December to 31 st December Cancer natives, seeking for a love partner will get a chance to fulfill their desires. You can expect a love proposal or in case you want to unveil your emotions before someone, this is the best time to do as such. Plan a romantic love proposal with a beautiful speech describing your emotions.

    In return for all this, you can expect a YES from the other end! Venus will likewise move into your moon sign on 1 st September and will stay there until 28 th September At the same time, it will influence your seventh house of marriage and commitments.

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    From 22 nd March till 4 th May , Mars Rules your 5th House of love and romance and Saturn Rules your 7th House of Marriage , will conjunct in your seventh house of marriage. This transit marks out excellent chances of marriage, particularly love marriage.

    Sun will be transiting through your moons sign from 16 th July to 16 th August This movement of Sun will instill a lot of aggression in you and you seem to behave in illogical manner. As a partner, you should try to adjust to the situation and ignore minor issues or bouts of anger. Your patience and understanding will act as glue, sticking you both together.

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    Overall, will be a roader-coaster ride for the Cancer natives. Your dedicated efforts and verbal expressions of love will cease irksome situations and establish harmony between you both. Login Sign Up.

    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020
    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020
    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020
    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020
    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020
    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020
    cancer love horoscopes march 2020 Cancer love horoscopes march 2020

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