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By giving offerings and thanks to our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, the Universe- we are showing gratitude for all that we have. By giving thanks we know that all will be provided for for the Winter months. Everyone please bring a small food offering of fresh seasonal fruits, veggies, nuts etc, to share, for each of us to bring some of the medicine from the day to bless your homes and community. Please arrive early at pm, doors will close promplety at pm, we have a lot to cover. Bring rattle or drum if you have one, a note pad, pen, scarf for eye cover to journey. For full details of events: www.

After a brief introduction, Thomas will guide seminar participants through a meditation, and then deliver messages to each participant from spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. An excellent opportunity to experience the work of celebrity psychic medium Thomas John in an intimate setting! Each session will be limited to 8 to 10 participants.

To purchase tickets, contact Thomas at info mediumthomas. No refunds after time of purchase. The gathering is facilitated by Sufi Murshida Khadija Goforth and friends. Those of all paths and no particular path are welcome; no previous experience is necessary. This is finding God within, through experience.

It elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms. People are moved, opened and humbled through expressions of gratitude.

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In this month of giving thanks, the Angelic Circle of Peace invites you to embrace the power of gratitude in your life through a lovely Gratitude Ceremony. And, through the power of your own light, you may even become a magnet for receiving a continuous flow of divine abundance in your life, always.

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The energies of gratitude are within the heart and can be expressed every day… this evening is special! These messages are offered to support your own insights, and for your continued growth and enlightenment. The evening also includes a lovely guided meditation and activations to crown and heart chakras. Barbara is an energy healing practitioner Reiki, Christ Light Healing, Reconnective Healing with a commitment to healing service that is grounded in her passion for providing a gentle, loving conduit for your heart, mind and body to realign with Divine Light within you that promotes a return to the wholeness of being and oneness with all life.

In addition the Angelic Circles of Peace, Rev. Barbara also offers private healing sessions, private consultations with her guides and she teaches the Usui System of Natural Healing. For more information please contact RevB at The time is now and Max is a major tool on the planet for the Divine Awakening in us all!

A special ceremony with Max, led by the Hierarchies of Light channeled through Jodi Serota, igniting everyone to live divine truth as masters of consciousness. This experiential ceremony will assist in reclaiming and actualizing full mastery to manifest miracles of the Divine through each of us on Earth. Enjoy a channeled vibrational concert of higher guidance, sound, and light language transmissions. This will trigger the release of old energetic seals within that are inhibiting enlightenment and causing suffering. Recall the innate consciousness codes of your DNA Strands and bring forth Divine expression on the physical plane, ending all perceptions of limitation.

Paid in advance only. Key Words:The doorway to a spiritual path. Inner Teaching spiritual cultivation and upliftment. Peace and prosperity. Focus: Spiritual practice of Reiki Ryoho, i. Aim: To live a healthy, peaceful and prosperous life, i. Non-refundable fee unless class canceled. Checks must be cleared 2 weeks prior to the event.

Contact: Shihan Lilia V. Discover some unconscious motivations that may have been keeping you from achieving your relationship goals, while learning practical relationship skills. Reconstruct your inner self and watch that be reflected in the world around you. Join us for this enlightening workshop and transform your relationships into Real-ationships.

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RSVP at: info b-wellcenterofscottsdale. More information: johndseibert. Todos tenemos el poder de crear y transformar lo que experimentamos en nuestra vida. Nuestra vida es una directa consecuencia de nuestro estado de conciencia. El Servicio es Dar y dando Recibimos. Para organizaciones y grupos llamar para consultar.

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Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher, Suzy Meszoly, performs the psychic surgery channeled program, acting as the nurturing bridge that holds the Light and radiates this divine high frequency to participants. With this activation, the Master Teachers, Beings of Light, will come and spend 40 days inside your physical bodies bringing you back to vital physical, emotional and mental health.

They will create a healing bridge with each person starting with this session and offer a powerful meditation and lifestyle protocol. Book early to ensure your participation as these groups fill up immediately and the group size is limited to ensure that Suzy is able to work with everyone. Suzy will also be offering individualized messages for folks in the group from the Master Teachers about life path and how to overcome any restrictions.

These messages involve a personalized energetic activation and support people coming into their full liberated power. Suzy will be creating a powerful energetic activation with Metatron and we will finish the session with a Merkaba activation. Please contact Suzy on or email suzysgp gmail. There are programs that are written into your history and the history of our families.

You will take on the task of self-healing whichever of the programs are present known or unknown , either now or in the past karmic. This is possible no matter how difficult or painful your family relationships have been. The Spiritual Initiation program offered as a 5-class series includes advanced spiritual healings and teachings.

The three remaining classes include spontaneous upgrades necessary for your energy system based on the collective consciousness. You will experience profound learning, insights, integration and a lightness of being with your spiritual awakening. Limiting beliefs like feeling unlovable or not good enough, etc. Your means of service in your life is being awakened, strengthened, and blessed; and you are being challenged to accept this spiritual initiation because you are an Earth pioneer with important work to do.

Through dedication and authenticity, Zela helps so many people go beyond their limited perspective of themselves and reconnect to the love, joy, and peace of their true selves. Registration: please email zelrod26 aol. Pre-registration is required — seating is limited.

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How can we use the relationship between them to learn more about empowering ourselves? Explore the inner workings of the deep subconscious mind in how we relate to healthy and deviant sexual relationships, power plays and our own desires to be seen through sexual intimacy. Kristen combines her training is psychotherapy, art therapy, nutrition, and shamanism to empower her clients to become whole through soul retrieval. Her former work as a professional dominatrix helps clients to integrate their shadow selves and empower them to embrace wholeness and self acceptance.

Arden Davies, an intuitive healer and counselor who uses traditional Native spiritual practices in her work. She is deeply involved in advocacy and service within the Lakota community, and activism for Native American youth. She also runs a free counseling program for current and former sex workers in New York City.

Isis Phoenix is Sensual Shaman, Ceremonialist and Wise Woman Herbalist who coaches individuals in the area of sexuality, spirituality, intimacy and relationship. Isis facilitates individual coaching and group Shamanic Immersions and retreats. She is also the founder of Naked Yoga NYC, a nude yoga movement that continues to gain international attention. Alan Steinfeld, moderator, host of the popular television program New Realities. Exploration into other ways of knowing, including conscious sexuality, shamanism and metaphysics.

For more information: A Newrealites. You are invited to bring pen and paper, and let Milou tell you what he sees. He will give you full names or initials, descriptions, and approximate time frame. He has been sharing his gift with the public for over fifteen years. He embraces clients from all walks of life while also sharing his gift with heads of major organizations. Come by and meet exciting holistic vendors, enjoy raw food and chocolate samples , get a massage, enjoy Reiki treatments , Reflexology and many other wonderful modalities.

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Great place to network with the holistic community of New York and make new friends and business connections. Event is free so please bring friends! Register Here. Patricia Munhall, NP, Ed. Learn more about this unique event at www. Register by phone or email: This course is designed to help you take your psychic skills to the next level. This course is open to individuals who have had psychic experiences or previous training in psychic development.

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For registration or further information please email contact calisesimone. Participants will receive two mini readings, 10 mins each in duration. Each reading will be from a different Advanced Psychic Development Student which will be chosen for you by Calise Simone.

patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer
patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer
patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer
patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer
patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer
patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer
patricia nicolaou astrologer Patricia nicolaou astrologer

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