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A practical and common sense approach will help fix any recent difficulties. There should be a mutual understanding and acknowledgement if a relationship has run its course. This aspect helps you save money and be more conservative with investments.

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Moon trine Saturn gives the patience and emotional strength to handle sensitive or difficult relationship issues. Traditional values and old habits can bring solutions to new problems. You can rely on strong instincts and common sense to make important decisions about your home, family and relationships.

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Robson said it gives love, beauty, brilliance, devotion, forgiveness, kindness, renown, love of home and good fortune in marriage. But with unhelpful connections will bring as results failures, fiascos and enmity. When linked with the Moon, melancholy will then appear. Well this full moon has been extremely unhelpful. Those are some pretty good transits for luck if I do say so myself, but nope not a darn thing! I have one question: Uranus was castrated by his son Saturn, and from the blood that fell into the sea, Venus was born. How can a confrontation between a castrated father and his daughter lead to a sexual encounter?

Hi Jamie, Following the reading of your post I am wondering how the moon conjunct uranus will play for me if I have Vesta at 1. As far as I know Orcus was a god of the underworld punisher of broken oaths and Vesta is the godness of devotion both are conjunct my rising sign in Leo 5.


What can Uranus from Taurus disrupt or change that can bring unexpected love? On the other hand Uranus will also make an aspect to my Moon at 2. I guess that in relationships the promise of true and forever and ever is a difficult oath to keep and when the oath is part of the deal Orus is involved … so maybe having Vesta devotion and Orcus oaths and contracts so close to my rising sign means that people perceive me as devoted to keep promises and Uranus transiting my 10th house and a sign such as Taurus means that broken promises related to love or finance are at play?

To me it sounds like if there was some important contract, promise or oaths surrounding my birth …funny enough Vesta, as far I found, rules small and confined places and at birth I spent some time in an incubator… Any way I have the feeling that this moon will have an impact on me but yet reading your post I am not completely sure how it can work out!

Sure Vesta is an important asteroid, but usually full and new moons affect personal planets more outwardly so than transits to asteroids. Just curious, Thanks. Everyone feels new and fulls moons to a certain degree. But how it affects you depends on aspects iot makes to your chart. And yes, if you have a planet within one degree of the moon phase you will feel it stronger than other people. Thanks for your attention. Answers will be appreciated. The Dwad Ascendant is, interestingly, Virgo.

Despite all the panoply of State she is a modest and unassuming person, with the sweetness to others that comes from radix Venus on the Dwad Descendant.

The secret meeting of East and West – Understanding divisional and/or harmonic charts – Part 4

And there is a powerful Mercury-Pluto opposition that lines up with her radix MC, ensuring that even without directly governing, her thoughts, her voice will always be heard and have impact. T he D wad seems to show us the idea behind the form - it is often less obvious, less immediate, but on closer acquaintance it introduces us to the deeper, subtler but far more specific characteristics of the person or the phenomenon.

The real self emerges to add depth and detail to the broader picture given by the radix, in any and all of the Dimensions. To study any chart without adding the Dwad is to risk generalising at the expense of necessary accuracy. The more refined and particular you can make your analysis, the more relevant it is going to be - and the more testable, in this critical age.

It will be appreciated that reasonable accuracy is needed for Dwad work; to study the Superdwad , time and place must be very close to exact, otherwise error-free work is impossible. If you can work to decimal minutes, this will be improved ten-fold. E xamples now follow of the Dwad in action! Russell Grant stepped out from behind the screen on the Strictly dance floor and lit up the screens of the nation. I have known Russell for thirty-six years, ever since that day in when he turned up on my doorstep in Walmer to learn astrology. He is Very Aquarian, and with his rising Libra Saturn also in love with maps and boundaries.

His collection of British local history and plans is impressive, and he campaigned vigorously against many twentieth century county boundary changes. But - given that Aquarius will often play to the crowd - there has always been a suspiciously Leonine quality to Russell. After all, he started out as a performer; showbiz has always been in his blood and he has the temperament to match it.

Where is that Leo? Not in his Tropical chart, where all the personal planets are wintry; not in his Sidereal either, as the same applies and even Pluto moves out of Leo. The Draconic? But it is there; just as Russell has always been conscious of his own flamboyant nature, his joy in performing. T he D wad is a harmonic of the chart. Dwad is an abbreviation of Dwadashamsha, the term for a 12th harmonic chart in Vedic astrology.

The oriental Vedic system has understood and embraced the harmonics of the birth chart for far longer than the western tradition. Modern western astrology has been indebted to John Addey and David Hamblin for opening our collective eyes to the significance of harmonic charts; and it was the American astrologer Mark Pottenger whose love of technical detail pointed me toward the Dwad in particular. You see, the Dwad is not just a simple 12th harmonic chart, but a very special version.

In the straight 12th harmonic, effectively every one of the twelve signs in the celestial wheel becomes a mini-zodiac, running as normal from Aries through to Pisces; it is a fold higher vibration of the wheel. But the Dwad is different; it is the wheel at the same vibrational level, but phase-shifted so that it maps perfectly onto the western decanates.

12 Zodiac Signs and What They Say About You

The Aries flavour will always be more go-getting, the Taurus more stable; Gemini will be chattier, Cancer clingier; Leo will add a degree of self-importance while Virgo shows modesty; Libra engages in dialogue Scorpio engages in battle! The Sagittarians are the humorous souls, their Capricorn fellows much more competitive; Aquarius will contribute its oddity, and Pisces its dreams. It follows that the first Dwad of every parent sign is truest to the archetype, and the seventh potentially contradictory.

Dwads have been used more widely in the US than the UK; but as a rule only the Dwad sign tends to be taken into account. S o what about Russell Grant? Russell knows he is a star, potentially on the world stage. What has led me to that conviction? Only the Sun in the final, Sagittarius Dwad of Capricorn could explain this consistent attitude, and also an un-Saturnine love of performing!

And a tendency to philosophise. So each of us has a solar core of the secret self that is our conscious, thinking awareness. Not only this, but a complete constellation of planetary energies active at this higher vibration of the Dwad, and sometimes surprisingly different to the perceived outer personality, the vehicle that embodies it and gives it expression. The personality is open, affable, greedy and generous by turns, and might be described by more sober people as an undisciplined, hedonistic maverick.

However, as soon as the Dwad is added to the radix and we begin to look at the man in depth, the mind working through the body, his gift and his charisma unfold. The first thing that hits us between the eyes is the impact on his radix angles of the inner Jupiter, Moon and Pluto. He is going to be channelling these mental energies all his life; the crowds of obsessed women will follow wherever he goes because his very being draws them, like a Pied Piper.

This is a man who will court publicity and revel in all the trappings of success. And an inner Taurus Moon. So despite the playboy exterior we can see deeper into the chronic emotional dependency that drove his private life, the home boy still looking to be mothered and secure in a big and uncertain world.

The Dwad - The Adventurous Astrologer

In turn they can be the seducers! His restless, instinctive search for the perfect woman drove Frank from marriage to marriage, from affair to affair. And that voice?

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Now we can see why his songs are so spell-binding: Mercury, Mars and Uranus are all close together in the Dwad Here is self-expression with uniqueness and power. Then there is his technique: both MC and Ascendant are here in Virgo, picking up the radix 5th House conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron, and we know that Sinatra took great pains to perfect his craft, learning from other musicians the invaluable secrets of breath control that enabled him to sing so beautifully through the longest lyrical phrases.

Dwad Mercury trine Jupiter and opposite Saturn. We need to ask ourselves at this point whether this is all the Dwad has to tell us. All we have done is apply it to the familiar radix Tropical chart.

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