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Perhaps you have wanted to move, expand or change that lifestyle.

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But have kept on encountering blockages to doing this. Expect to be handed the key to a door now Jupiter arrives in your 4 th from the 2 nd. Jupiter is always set on expansion. So, many of you may move to a bigger, better home during this transit or simply find your money buys you more than what you bargained for. Others may extend their home and this could be due to expanding family needs. Because Jupiter rules long distance travel and foreign affairs, some of you could even emigrate or make a major relocation to another part of the country with Jupiter in here.

Where calls to you? For more insight into what Jupiter in here can deliver please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast for Libra. But take it that at some point in the next 12 months, opportunity will come knocking. For you, destiny could be a place now.

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Where you are meant to be. Ruler Venus is also in your 4 th and meets the South Node on the 3 rd. Ceres which rules deals and compromises also conjuncts the Node on the 8 th. Deals can be struck and arrangements entered in to which suit not only you but those you live or even work with now. The scene is being set for the long term.

Jupiter will spend 12 months in this house. Look back if you are old enough 12 years to when Jupiter was last in here. What opportunities did you have to make yourself secure?

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Also think back 19 years. Again, provided you were a fully-fledged adult back then. The Nodes are linked to year cycles. Where and how were you living back then? Similar themes may emerge now. As could family karma for a chance to be healed.

This cycle wants you to remember this is your life to be lived your way. Know this month major decisions can be made and each one you make will enhance your feeling of security for the future. Life is flowing in a new direction so follow this.

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  7. Mercury which rules contracts and important papers exits its retroshadow on the 7 th and arrives in its ruling 3 rd in your chart on the 9 th. The very same day as Jupiter offers you a major solution or opportunity to unwrap as it angles to Chiron. This may be radical or even unexpected. Venus will meet Saturn in your 4 th and then Pluto on the 11 th and 13 th. This points to that big property or long-term decision that transforms your current arrangement.

    Or simply put those long-term plans into action. Venus showers you with holiday sparkle as it arrives in your fabulous 5 th of romance, pleasure and attraction on the 20 th.

    Libra - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

    Putting you in a party mood at the very least. Foundation making moves for can now be made as the Sun enters your 4 th on Solstice Day 22 nd. The new Moon in here often sees a change for the better appear in your circumstances.

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    This new Moon is no different in that respect. Especially as it appears within one degree of Jupiter. But the difference with this one is that it triggers an eclipse. By now you know that eclipses cover something up. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. Whatever it is you intuit, please follow its advice. Fate simply may wash you up exactly where you are meant to be. Others could benefit from a helping hand from someone. It should hand you the keys to a door behind which you can create just that.

    Wherever in the world you feel most like you belong.

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    In a nutshell: Where in the world do you want to call home, Libra? From Kensington to Kansas, Jupiter offers you the key to a new doorway. Or a bigger, better way to live that suits you. Forget the past. Last year saw the planet of awakenings, make a brief appearance in your 8th of power money, transformation, endings, rebirth and yes — sex.

    This was just your taster session as Uranus headed retrograde and back into your 7th again after a few months.

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    On March 6 this year it re-enters your 8th where it will remain for the next seven years. Uranus has not been in this sector of your chart before and will not again in your lifetime as it takes approximately 84 years to orbit the Sun. What you earn, borrow, lend or are owed. What is priceless, what you would never sell out for and it is going to be you re-defining what these are that will affect all the other areas this house rules. This is also your house of taboos and fears. Uranus in here will show you the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

    Your 8th house is of course the sign of Taurus the Bull.

    Libra Weekly Astrology Horoscope 2nd September 2019

    So, while Uranus is in here think of yourself as her. Facing down what scares you — especially around money and assets. It is ultimately about how you value yourself.

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    Uranus in your 8th says you are worth more no matter what that bank statement says. Doing things different in terms of what money you do have and how it may come to you are other hallmarks of this cycle. As will be some fearless negotiating when it comes to anything from a salary package to things you share with another. This can be anything from a bed to a joint bank account, an idea or even a horse. Time to step into your own individual brand of personal power — and what this mojo is will vary between each person.

    Own your power — own your life.

    libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight Libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight
    libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight Libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight
    libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight Libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight
    libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight Libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight
    libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight Libra weekly horoscope 2 january 2020 michele knight

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